Maxine Waters Got Nasty Surprise From Black Trump Supporter From Her District

Chanell Temple is Trump supporter, but she wasn’t always. After being a witnessing of the suffering of her community under Maxine Waters, she got fed up and decided to come to Washington and gave her a nasty surprise.

On Thursday, Chanell attacked Maxine for abandoning the African-American community. Chanell explained that after hours of waiting in front of Maxine’s office in LA, she refused to meet with her, so, that is why she came to D.C.

“Chanell Temple of We the People Rising, a California Black Trump supporter, slams the corrupt, racist Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-Los Angeles) who has done nothing to help the black community, but does everything to help illegal aliens,” wrote activist Arthur Christopher Schaper.

Temple share a video saying, “This is Chanell, and I’m outside in front of Maxine Waters’ office. I went inside trying to make connections, trying to get an appointment, and as usual, no connection. No one was available and this is what happens in California. We go to her office, we try to make connections, we call her office. They don’t have time for us, but she has time to represent illegal criminals. This is a 24-7 job for her. Here I am at her Washington office, it’s the same thing here. No one is available.”

“This woman is being paid with taxpayers’ money, and she’s not representing American citizens. The black community has been destroyed by racist illegal immigration with her help. And it’s got to stop. Not only the black community, it has spilled over to white America, brown America, American citizens period are not being represented by this lady, and here she is laid up in the lap of luxury in Washington, the lap of luxury in California – with her $4.3 million house in Hancock Park.”

Here is what we found regarding Waters job: “Waters introduced 0 bills in the 114th Congress that got a committee vote sending it to the floor for further consideration. GovTrack looked at whether Waters supported any of 40 government transparency bills in the House that we identified in this session. We gave Waters 0 points, based on one point for co-sponsoring and three points for sponsoring any of these bills.” So apparently the only thing she does in D.S. is screaming “Impeach 45.”

Maxine Waters is chaos, she is going down and doesn’t know how to cope with the situation. It was about time someone like Chanell to come forward and demand she steps down. She won’t, but that is ok because there is no way she’ll get another term.

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