175 Lawsuits Has Been Filed Against CNN. What Is Your Response?

CNN is currently facing a big racial discrimination lawsuit with several claims against them, including that African-Americans get lower performance evaluations and are paid less than other races (what a dilemma!)

In fact, this is a huge problem. This discrimination lawsuit is a serious thing because it taints CNN’s false image of being always as some kind of “equality” champion.

The mainstream media consist of leftists. They are all liberals and even the Republicans are liberals in the media. But in reality, they are all real racists, and they continue to silence voices.

But the MSM should be held accountable for this. People at CNN should be fired for this. In plain words, all people need to hold the Left accountable for their lies.

Unfortunately, CNN should be doing damage control while their allies are protecting them. This kind of reports is usually get buried by their fellow bloggers and media companies. It’s so sick to see how the truth is being attacked by these Liberal liars.

But this is another proof that President Trump was right when he called all the media as “fake news”. Indeed, it’s admirable to have such a brave president to publicly confront these hypocrites.

The mainstream media needs to be exposed, so it is recommended to share this article. The real Americans cannot allow CNN to go away from the lawsuit without answering it.

It’s a question of justice, especially after what they did to Bill O’Reilly, which was based on false claims.