7 Muslim Women Forced To Leave A Cafe Decided To Sue It And This Is What Happened

When you allow ignorant people to come to first world country stories like this one are bound to happen and they’ll become more and more frequent as Obama allows more and more refugees to come to America. Muslims have always believed themselves better than anyone else, their religion is the true religion, Allah is the true God, their prophet was the true prophet and countless other BS that they continue to spread all over the world.

7 Muslim women were in a busy cafe in Laguna Beach when they were escorted out by the police, they are alleging that they were thrown out because of their religion, for which they are now suing the Cafe for racism and discrimination. Let’s get something straight first, your religion it’s not your race, it’s not something coded in your DNA so Muslims being thrown out places for being Muslim is not racism.


Secondly, and much more important, they weren’t escorted out by the police because they were Muslim but because they had broken the Cafe’s rules at rush hour by taking up three tables, not ordering any food and not complying with the servers when asked to move to a different location in the same Cafe.


From Mad World News:

“A group of entitled Muslim women entered a California cafe, refused to order anything, and took up several tables for an excessive amount of time, preventing customers from being seated. After police were forced to escort out the unruly group, they took the cafe owners to court over racial discrimination. However, instead of the judge ruling in their favor or simply dismissing the frivolous case, they got exactly what they deserve.

When 7 Muslim women were forced to leave a Laguna Beach restaurant, they vehemently claimed it was all because of their religion, which somehow equated to racism. Deciding to take down Urth Caffé through a series of damaging Yelp reviews and accusatory social media posts, Sara Farsakh and her girlfriends slandered the bistro with a string of abusive rants which Next Shark published.

Farsakh alleged that she and her group of hijab-wearing Muslimas were minding their own business when a “rude” waiter approached their table and told them they must leave. Farsakh claims that she calmly explained that they had just ordered and only received their meals a few minutes ago but that the staff wasn’t having it. She states that it was then that police escorted them off the property all because they were clearly Muslim.

“Urth Caffe’s expulsion of this group of women is a throwback to the days of ‘Whites only’ signs and colored water fountains, with Muslims now being the convenient targets of discrimination,” said Mohammad Tajsar, an attorney at Pasadena-based Hadsell Stormer & Renick LLP who, along with Gallinger Law, represents the women. “Urth Caffé’s attempt to whitewash its upscale clientele by using its seating policy as a justification to expel those who outwardly appear Muslim is both immoral and illegal, and should have no place in Orange County’s diverse community.”

However, just a few months into the case, the truth is finally coming out. Not only has Urth Caffé revealed that the entitled Muslim women are not telling the whole story, they are counter-suing them for fraud, the OC Register reports.

American Freedom Law Center co-founder David Yerushalmi says that the women are lying about the incident in order to gain sympathy for a fraudulent case. Yerushalmi reminds that the cafe has a publicly displayed policy which states that guests cannot exceed 45 minutes at a table without ordering during rush hours and that the women violated this.”

This particular restaurant it’s owned by a Jewish man and, hold onto your seats, his MUSLIM wife! BOOM! How’s that for discrimination? These women are just trying to get a little pity out of our judicial system and a huge payload from Urth Cafe, but they have another thing coming since the owners of the restaurant have decided to counter sue them for slander. Hopefully the judiciary system won’t fail them!