ABC Furious After An Anonymous Photo Exposes Reporter’s Fraud

Linsey Davis (an ABC News reporter from South Carolina) has been exposed lying to the American people. An anonymous cameraman caught ABC setting up a crime scene.

The yellow tape reading “Sheriff’s Line Do not Cross” can be seen attached to ABC’s own equipment. It was simply placed in a random field in South Carolina.

The ABC News crew was sent to report on a terrible story of a woman (30) who managed to escape a sex predator who has held her captive in a storage container.

However, the nasty details of the story were not enough for Linsey Davis, who wanted to look like a professional journalist reporting live from the actual scene of the crime.

The segment was filmed for the morning news show “Good Morning America.” Davis was proud of the coverage and shared the segment on Twitter, however, ABC has put the video out of the air.

The ABC News’ management has recognized the “mistake” and criticized the practice as something “completely unacceptable.” They have punished the producer responsible and taken the equipment and tape out of the field.

Even ABC has apologized for this incident, they were also caught lying on April last year, when a producer fabricated a whole guest list for an exclusive restaurant in New York. This was because the establishment refused to reveal the original.

Ironically, CNN has started to attack the other networks in a desperate measure to distract the American people from their own news fakery.

However, none of these news networks can deny a terrible fact (for them): the American people do not trust the mainstream media anymore. In fact, recent polls indicate that the media is trusted less than congress with only 6% of Americans expressing confidence in the MSM.

But sadly, this “mistake” is a new proof of a terrible truth: the media has always lied. Now, it is easier to discover media’s lies. Thanks to sites like YouTube where every segment is recorded for posterity, and everyone can carry a camera in their pockets (for ABC’s disgrace)