Another ANTIFA Fight At A Protest

It seems the liberal left has forgotten that they supposedly espouse peaceful exercise of their 1st Amendment Rights. ANTIFA has been stalking speakers all around the country starting fights and trying to chill free speech. They do this while obscuring their faces. Are they ashamed?

However, UNLIKE Berkeley, California, it seems the Auburn, Alabama police have some balls!  Auburn police officers forced ANTIFA thugs to remove their masks prior to entering the University – I guess we have to break it down Barney-style for the toddler tantrum set.

Inside, hundreds of people packed Foy Hall, as well as around the hall.  Both those interested in his message and those that wished to protest it – some peacefully and some like ANTIFA – not so much.  Of course, we all know that free speech no longer exists on many universities today and it seems many students at Auburn University are no different because you know, words and opinions….well, they hurt!