Barack Obama Expresses His Concern About Obamacare Repeal

On Sunday, Barack Obama back onto the scene to receive the John F. Kennedy Profile In Courage Award (another award for doing absolutely nothing). During his acceptance speech, Obama encouraged Congress to apply “political courage” to protect and save his trash-can of a law, commonly known as “Obamacare.”

But Mr. Obama is ignoring (as usual) one thing: it does not depend on having “political courage” to pass or save such harmful law. Your signature law has made insurance too expensive for hard-working Americans.

But who does this guy think he is? He spent millions of dollars on expensive vacations while the rest of us suffered through his awful policies. He only played golf while hordes of radical Islamic extremists sneaked into this country.

Besides, this man knows nothing about “courage”. America’s veterans and brave soldiers know a lot about courage, not you, Mr. Obama.

The Left should be angry with this guy. Because of his terrible decisions and awful laws, the Democrats are completely discredited.

However, RINOs like Senator Susan Collins will surely try to block at any cost Trump’s repeal of Obamacare. Obama is just making a call to the swamp to undermine President Trump.

Obama needs to be accountable for all the damage he has caused to this country. Sadly, the mainstream media keeps defending his speech, and the Left is just silent. Even Liberals must be furious with Obama.

Because of this guy, America’s enemies (Iran, North Korea, and ISIS) have become stronger. In reality, he hates America and Obamacare has been a terrible nightmare for everyone.

Therefore, hard-working Americans cannot allow Obama and his acolytes to persuade them otherwise. This country needs Trump’s health care reform because, without it, it will be stuck with Obamacare.

And Obama should return to the golf course, where he spent the majority of the 8 years of his presidency. He only cares about saving his infamous “legacy”. So, the Americans need to exercise their “political courage” to support Trump’s plan.