A Boy Who Misses His Birthday Because Of Harvey Receives A Big Surprise In The Shelter Door

Nicole and Anthony Brooks with their two children were forced to take shelter in a hotel because their house was in the flood zone.

Their evacuation meant that they were going to miss celebrating their oldest child’s fifth birthday.

But suddenly, the Brooks got a knock on their door and when they went to see who it was, they were confronted by a dozen officers from the Richardson police department who were there to help the child celebrate his birthday.

“When they started singing I just started crying. I was bawling my eyes out,” Nicole said.

The officers had found out about the boy’s birthday when Anthony mentioned it to an officer earlier in the day while talking to him.

So much for those folks who believe that all police officers are cold, heartless human beings that are out to ruin everyone’s day. These police officers saw a family that they could help, and they chose to do something kind to make the best of a bad situation.

“Sometimes when people do things that are just human like that and recognize that this can be hard for a five-year-old … that was just really awesome,” said Nicole.

Thousands of police officers, firefighters, national guardsmen and other first responders have risked their lives over the past week rescuing thousands of people from the rising waters.

These men and women are true American heroes. They went above and beyond the call, and tried to help out everyone they could; even if it was something as simple as bringing a five-year-old a cake and some presents for his birthday.