Brave “Dreamer” in tears Not So Innocent as Portrayed


Karen Caudillo in tears

An illegal immigrant named Karen Caudillo, was the center of attention a few days ago, when she was caught on video in tears during a protest in front of the US Capitol, over Trump’s plans to rescind DACA –a program created by Obama to Defer Action for Childhood Arrivals–  and it went viral. The woman was prominently featured on the Guardian crying her eyes out.

Caudillo is one of more than 800,000 illegal immigrants who entered the US illegally as children.

Under this program, illegal immigrants like Caudillo can apply for renewable 2-year work visas and get a driver’s license. They do not have to worry about deportation.

But that’s as far as it goes… It wasn’t intended as a permanent thing and it doesn’t grant illegal immigrants like Caudillo a right –for instance– to vote.

That – it seems– didn’t stop Caudillo from doing so.

Online investigators, part of the “/pol/” group on, did a little digging into Caudillo’s affairs. They were actually surprised by what they found:

  • Karen Caudillo is –apparently– a registered voter. She appears on a list registered under her full name. Unless this is some sort of mistake, she’s breaking the law. Being a foreign national, she’s not allowed to vote on a US election.
  • Karen Caudillo is listed in The Federal Election Commision Database as a donor for ActBlue, a political action committee that enables anyone on the Internet to raise money for the Democratic Party. Again, this is not legal. Foreign nationals are not permitted to donate money according to the FEC.
  • Karen Caudillo is an open supporter of Bernie Sanders.
  • Karen Caudillo has raised funds several times online on Gofundme. To take trips basically.

Perhaps Karen Castillo is not so innocent as she’s been portrayed by the media.

It would appear that she’s actually a foreign national getting involved in politics and by doing so, breaking the law.