Brigitte Gabriel Shut Down The “Peaceful Muslims” Argument Once And For All!

Even after the attacks on Paris last Friday and the 129 dead left in the wake of the terrorist Muslims, people still believe that it’s important to make the distinction between peaceful Muslims and radical Muslims. There are some who  still believe Islam to be a peaceful religion with peaceful followers, that not every Muslim it’s a threat but why does it matter? One rotten apple can damage the whole barrel. What’s the difference if some of those Islamic people think their religion is peaceful and benevolent when the ones who believe in chaos and terror are in control? It took only 8 barbarian Muslims to take out 129 people in Paris and plant the seed of terror in the hearts of the world so it truly doesn’t matter that there are some peaceful ones out there and we should be wary of them all because there’s no way to tell one from the other.


This is the point that Brigitte Gabriel, a well known activist for the anti-Islamic extremist movement, made last year after a Muslim student took the podium in a Heritage Foundation conference to say that she was feeling upset because her faith was portrayed in the worst light possible, well what else did you expect? Islamic extremists have been killing people all over the world for decades, especially Christians. But Gabriel had the perfect comeback for this clueless student and with it she shut down the peaceful issue for good. She gave the following reply:

“Of course not all of them are radical. But when you look throughout history, most Germans were peaceful, yet the Nazis drove the agenda and, as a result, 60 million died. Almost 14 million in concentration camps — 6 million were Jews. The peaceful majority were irrelevant. On Sept. 11, we had 2.3 million Arab Muslims in the United States. It took 19 hijackers, 19 radicals, to bring the United States to its knees … the peaceful majority were irrelevant. So for all our powers of reasons and us talking about moderate and peaceful Muslims, I’m glad you’re here. But where are the others speaking out?”

While it might be truth that not every Islamic person it’s a terrorist or that not all Arabs are Muslims,  that’s not the relevant thing, the most relevant thing it’s that thee are Islamic extremists who are not peaceful, who are willing to die for their cause and take however many people they can with them and this is what truly matters, it’s not about being politically correct it’s about protecting our borders, keeping our citizens safe and maintaining the sovereignty of America.

 What’s so wonderful about the truth is that it’ll always come out and time doesn’t make it anything other than what it is, the truth. This truth might not be well received by liberals and Muslim supporters but it’s a fact and it can’t be denied or changed.