California Citizens Send Strong Message To Maxine Waters

Every time Rep. Maxine Waters opens her mouth, she convinces people of her insanity. Ironically, she is receiving a taste of her own medicine, as people are posting signs in Waters’ California district calling for her impeachment.

The signs put up around Inglewood, California, expose Maxine Waters for the lying fraud she is. She never cares about her constituents, the only thing that she really cares about is her own interests.

Rep. Waters has a terrible reputation of the most corrupt person in Congress. She has been investigated multiple times for ethics violations and using her position in Congress to secure business dealings for her family.

In fact, Waters’ made over $1 million in 8 years by doing business with companies whom the California Congressman had helped with her legislation.

But even California is considered a sanctuary of the Leftists, citizens are starting to wake up. What Americans from all sectors want is a government that acts to improve their lives and solves their issues.

American people want action on health care, on jobs, the economy, and national security, not the absurd witch hunts against President Trump.

Maxine Waters and her Democrat acolytes better learn the lesson from this. On the contrary, Californians will impeach them.