CHURCH STATUES In Austria Vandalised By Muslim Asylum Seeker Who Was Later Released!

So, the poor Muslims who seek asylum keep attacking whoever thinks differently… The world should be sheltered from them!


This time happened in the Stephansdom Cathedral in Vienna, Austria, on Saturday night, and it was perpetrated by a Ghanan Muslim who has filed for asylum.

The 37-year-old man from Ghana shattered a statue of St. Judas Thaddäus, and he is also suspect of the ravaging of sacred objects in three other churches in the capital. His claim seems to be that Catholics are “unbelievers”, so all Catholic symbols must be destroyed.


He has been in Austria for a year in seek of asylum, and he was giving housing at a home in Traiskirchen. However, he soon showed a terrible aggressiveness by attacking a care worker to unconsciousness, and of course, he was expelled from the asylum home.

The worst part of the story is that even though he was detained, the prosecutor released him… Outrageous!