How Devastating Would a North Korean Atomic Bomb be? Really?

A nightmare of such dreadfulness is not easy to imagine. The North Koreans manage to detonate an atomic bomb in America.

The possibility, however slim and highly unlikely, has somewhat increased in recent months, given the tensions currently currently on the rise in the Korean Peninsula.

How Devastating Would a North Korean Atomic Bomb be

The North Koreans, who curiously enough, not too long ago were practically starving, are now, according to the Financial Times, renouncing their tightly controlled, socialist state economy in favor of somewhat of a “marketizing economy.” Even though the state has maintained a tight political control, market reforms have been implemented, promoting growth. Official Salaries have increased about 250% in the last ten years, to -give or take- 75.000 North Korean Won a month (about $85).

So, basically… They’re making more money and they’re spending a part of it on nukes. It’s been awhile since they already have atomic bombs. What they’re doing nowadays, is trying to devise a thermonuclear device. Thermonuclear bombs like the ones in the US and Russian arsenal are quite more powerful and devastating than “regular” atomic bombs.

North Korea has very little foreign investment. Their long time ally, China (a nuclear power) is the only country that has considerable financial leverage on them. So much so, that it seems the North Koreans are  looking for other “financial partners.”

It would also seem, that despite constant threats and innuendos of the North Korean leader, they’re not much more likely to use their nukes than any other country that currently possess such weapons. Maybe they just want respect. But, there’s a little voice in the heart of every inhabitant of a western country that says “They’re the ones who’re finally going to do it, we’re doomed.”

So let’s try to picture the devastation that a current North Korean nuke would cause, if it detonated over the most populated city of the US, New York City:

Atomic_Bomb_150 kt over ny

A 150 Kiloton Atomic Bomb, detonated over Central Park, would obliterate 1,502,180 souls in the blink of an eye. Nuclear blast model by Nukemap. There’s no telling how many would die years after of radiation related diseases.