Florida Power Official makes dreadful prediction





The State of Florida is no stranger to hurricane damage. There has been nothing like hurricane Irma though, and recovery will be most likely, as nothing we’ve seen before. A particular challenge will be restoring the power grid.

According to ABC, Robert Gould, Florida Power & Light’s vice-president and CCO, issued a statement saying “what we think we’ll see on the west coast, is a wholesale rebuild of our electrical grid.” He estimated that FPL positioned “17,000 restoration workers from about 30 States” in anticipation of repair efforts before the storm arrived. Flooding and traffic congestion will surely delay the project.

More than 2.7 million homes were left with no electricity. The storm’s winds, reaching over 100mph destroyed power lines with incredible ease.

Gould stated “I can say this with certainty: We have -arguably- one of the strongest grids in America… But no grid is built to withstand a category 5 storm.”

The conditions after the storm are quite dangerous.

Florida residents won’t have electricity for weeks.

Luckily the situation is not as bad as it could have been. Hurricane Irma wrought havoc in places such as Puerto Rico, where officials said it could take them up to half a year, to restore power completely.

Regardless, several weeks with no electricity is a grim prospect.

What would you do?