Freelance Journalist Leaves Milwaukee After Seeing Extremely Racist Behaviors Towards White People

After violent protests erupted in Milwaukee on Saturday following the fatal police shooting of an armed 23-year-old black male, the city has been rather heated and charged, as if it was getting ready to blow up. Reporters have been feeling the heat and in some cases dodging threats as they try to report the latest of what’s going on in the city.

Businesses and cars in Milwaukee were set ablaze on Saturday night and protests continued to be tense and occasionally violent on Sunday. And in the midst of it all, one of these reporters, Tim Pool, has announced he will no longer cover Milwaukee as it has stopped being a safe place for white people.


The Blaze reported on the story:

“An independent journalist announced Monday that he will no longer cover the unrest in Milwaukee because of recent incidents involving black people attacking whites.

In a video uploaded to YouTube, freelancer Tim Pool is seen in what appears to be his hotel room explaining the reason for his decision.

“Upon arriving here, one of the first things we hear is the crowd getting angry and saying, ‘What are these white people doing here?’” Pool said.

While that statement alone wasn’t enough to cause Pool to pack up his things, other protesters screaming, “F*** white people!” and “White people suck!” did contribute to his decision. Pool cited two specific examples in which he said one reporter was threatened by a protester and “told to leave.” Another, he said, was “smacked upside the head” by someone who later encouraged others to “attack” the group of reporters.

But the “red flag,” according to Pool, was when he said he saw an “18-year-old white white kid” holding his neck after being shot.

Pool said in a tweet Sunday night that the situation on the ground was starting to feel “like Ferguson” did two years ago. But this time, he added, “things feel much more heated.””

The events on Milwaukee turned extremely violent, so much so that Pool wasn’t the only in fear for his life. It was reported that the scene was not safe for journalists reporting (sometimes even sympathetically) on the evening’s chaotic events. As the streets turned into a virtual war zone, police asked cameramen, journalists, and news crew to leave as quickly as possible, fearing for their safety.