Germans Have Had Enough! A Human Chain Was Formed To Prevent Muslims From Entering Their Land

Germany might be calling them refugees and war orphans but Germans are calling them thieves, murderers and more, the refugee situation it’s unbelievable and righteous German citizen have taken a stand. Earlier this month a human chain was formed in the Czech border with Germany to avoid any of the so called refugees to enter their great nation. They are calling the Muslim Invasion and it’s quickly becoming impossible to stop, millions of Muslims  have traveled thousands of miles to conquer other lands, they come in with their barbaric ideals and old fashioned views and expected the rightful owners of the land to bend  to their will, well no more! Germany may have opened its borders but the German people said no!


The protest was organized by the activist group Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West, and it had hundreds of people linking arms to close down the borders and send a strong message to the migrants “you are not wanted here, take your Islam crap elsewhere”

While German officials expect over 1.5 million more refugees this year, the German people has spoken and it’s unlikely any refugee will be allowed to enter Germany, at least  if the Germans have any say in the matter.

This is what America needs, a united front against the alien invasion from Latinos and Islamist groups alike, if we stood united against them they wouldn’t try to take over our great nation.