“Grave” 124 Year Old Admonishment In Regards To Democrats It’s Unnervingly Right

After 187 years of the Democratic Party all we’ve gotten has been grief and bad management from the Civil War and the Ku Klux Klan, to  the League of Nations, the Carter administration, and lately Hillary Clinton. With this track record it’s not uncommon that Americans associate Democrats will all that’s wrong with the world and they are right but there are some misinformed voters out there that continue to give them their support and our hard earned tax dollars.

Democrats have been involved in scandals of every kind, from money laundering and trafficking to molestation and voting fraud but nothing seems to work in opening some Americans’ eyes and making them realize just how screwed they’ve left out proud nation. Maybe this timely and ageless warning will serve to open some eyes and minds to the atrocities that Democrats have committed against our country.


Nathaniel Grigsby was born in 1811, and he was a precinct committee man for Abraham Lincoln, according to Authentic Campaigner. It’s believed that Mister Grigsby was a personal and close friend of the President during their youth in Illinois.

While living in Missouri he was advised by his neighbors that he shouldn’t turn on any lights during Lincoln’s election, this was a code that meant Democrats were out for blood and they’d murder him if needed. He and his four sons were volunteers in the Civil War, they belonged to the 10th Indiana Calvary. In 1890, Nathaniel died in Kansas but he left specific instructions about his grave and burial and in it he left a heartwarming and truthful warming to all Americans to come.



“Through this inscription I wish to enter my dying protest against what is called the Democratic Party, I have watched it closely since the days of Jackson and know that all the misfortunes of our nation has come to it through this so-called party therefore beware of this party of treason.”

Mr. Grigsby got it right, he was ahead of his time because even then he knew that Democrats would only bring shame and disgrace on our respected nation. Although Democrats revisit history from their own view it’s impossible to deny that they’ve at the epicenter of every important and substantial fail our country has had and it’s all because of them. Open your eyes, don’t trust a Democrat and never give them your vote.