Hillary Devotional Published; Every Single One to be Destroyed




Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State, is not having a very nice year. Having lost the Presidential race to Donald Trump, she has certainly kept herself busy, working like a little bee to win the public’s heart.

Despite all her efforts, she hasn’t been able accomplish anything worthwhile lately, that didn’t end up becoming a great blunder. The latest one is a book about her “Daily Devotionals” written by her pastor, Rev. Bill Shillady.

According to CNN, it has been pulled off the shelves and every single remaining copy is to be destroyed. The president and publisher of the United Methodist Publishing House, reviewed the book and found several instances of plagiarism.

The book, “STRONG FOR A MOMENT LIKE THIS; THE DAILY DEVOTIONS OF HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON” constructed mostly out of email devotionals, sent to Hillary by the aforementioned author of the work while she was in the campaign trail. Unfortunately, Shillady plagiarized many of the devotionals he emailed her, without mentioning it to anyone. Hillary Clinton is certainly no stranger to email controversy.

The book’s review, stemmed from a CNN report back in August, that said several sections have been plagiarized.