HYPOCRISY! Women’s Marchers Hired Armed Bodyguards For Their Anti-NRA Protest

On Friday, the Women’s March and former New York Micheal Bloomberg’s Every town organization marched from Fairfax, Virginia to Washinton, D.C. The march’s purpose was to denounce the NRA.

However, the marchers hired armed security guards (their hypocrisy is shocking).

They apparently walked in the streets of D.C. for no particular reason. They held signs with messages such as “Real Men Don’t Need Guns,” to portray that the NRA does not respect the rights of women.

According to them, the NRA is full of hateful racists, misogynists, and Islamophobes. But wait, where are proves that support these claims?

It’s so ironic to see that the Women’s March, which is a typical misandry organization full of fourth wave feminists, had to be escorted by big men carrying guns.

Besides, the Afro-Americans (who always vote for Democrats) commit violent crimes at rates that are 7 to 10 times greater than the white violent crime rate.

Even where Afro-Americans are sharp minorities, such as in Los Angeles, they commit by far a superior rate of violent crime (including gun offenses).

The real thing is that Linda Sarsour, a Palestinian jihad activist with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, leading the Women’s March is a proof of its real goal. Blind feminists are being led to sharia by a radical wearing a hijab.

Sarsour made her true intentions clear when she called on Muslims to wage jihad against President Trump. She and her supporters are the real violent ones.