Look Who Is Sponsoring California’s Sanctuary Law

The California legislature passed a budget that would prevent local and county jails from working with federal immigration authorities. The law was imposed by George Soros funded groups.

George Soros is a megalomaniac billionaire who is behind everything evil in this world. he uses his vast wealth to push for open borders and far-Left policy.

Soros created the Open Society Foundation to operate as a slush fund, so this way he can provide financial banking for civil unrest without being directly tied to the political violence produced by his influence.

At least two of the groups behind the new sanctuary state law received considerable funding from the Open Society Foundation.

Another group, the Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC) has been receiving Soros money since at least 2009. Since this funding began the ILRC has received millions from the Open Society Foundation.

Community Initiatives for Visiting Immigrants in Confinement (CIVIC) also supported the pro-illegal immigrant law that offers protections for criminal illegals.

This tactic was blatantly exposed when Soros broke the Bank of England making a small fortune off of the suffering of the British. Now, Soros is betting against the American economy as political unrest in on the rise.

Soros does not care about the groups he funds. Instead, he is perfectly aware of the destructive powers of radical liberals.

In conclusion, every country that has embraced far-Left economies has fallen into ruins. So, George Soros is hoping the same fate of the American economy, so he can add another success to his large collection of trophies.