Obama Uses His Last Address To The People To Slam Trump Down And Mock His Upcoming Presidency

Between the disgraces of the Clintons and the Obamas, it just makes you ill. And Obama was in fine form last night, making it all about him and refusing to mention President-elect Trump by name at all. But that didn’t stop him from slamming Trump and spreading hate.

Obama pushed for more illegal immigration and more Islamic refugees. He decried the persecution of Muslims and accused the right of racial division, hatred and bigotry. It was vintage Obama… he’s not going away. He’s going to stay in DC and cause as much mayhem and trouble as he possibly can.


The Daily Mail reported on the story:

President Barack Obama rode into the White House on a message of ‘hope and change,’ but he told his supporters tonight, as he delivered his final address in office, ‘you were the change’ and encouraged them to continue standing up for their values after his departure.

‘Yes We Can. Yes We Did. Yes We Can,’ Obama said, a reference to his 2008 slogan and a nod to the future progress he expects backers of his brand of politics to make.

He never mentioned his successor by name on Tuesday evening but made multiple references to President-elect Donald Trump, declaring to loud clapping and cheers ‘that science and reason matter’ and he rejects ‘discrimination against Muslim Americans.’

The soon-to-be former president also decried the ‘selective sorting of facts’ he said members of the Republican party have embraced.

In the 50-minute speech Obama further took on the touchy topic of race, saying that talk of a ‘post-racial America’ after he was elected ‘was never realistic.’


Obama claimed that he was being transparent and making the transition to Trump smooth… what a freaking lie. He has sabotaged and obstructed President-elect Trump at every single turn. He has threatened him, defamed him and did everything he could to ensure chaos will be left behind for the 45th President. It’s reprehensible and disgraceful. It is my sincere hope that Trump will come into office and undo every single thing Obama has wrought against this nation. Good freaking riddance to Barack Hussein Obama.