Poland’s Prime Minister Issues A Powerful Message To Europe (Trump was Right!)

The Polish Prime Minister, Beata Szydlo, said that she will not end up “blackmailed” into accepting masses of refugees into Poland, especially when you take into account the recent tragedy that happened in Manchester that ended in the death of 22 innocent people.

Szydlo then made a strong explanation of why she was not accepting refugees to pile up on her country, and that the EU leaders who are allowing this disaster are weak.

These weak leaders are causing the death of the EU culture as it was previously known. They are systematically destroying it in economic and social levels.

Szydlo stated, “If you cannot see that terrorism has the potential to hurt every country in Europe, and you think that Poland should not defend itself, you are going hand in hand with those who point this weapon against Europe, against all of us.

The Poland’s Prime Minister is quite right. If you are a country that is trying to force people to accept refugees into their territory, then you are part of the problem, and may as well be helping them hold the weapon.

So, it’s important to stop those other countries in bullying other nations to accept all the refugees. They cannot keep thinking that they can just unload refugees wherever they want. They are very mistaken.

If enough people stand up and say no to those policies, this situation can be reversed. These terror pushers have to listen to the common people.

Certainly, the core of this problem is the “Left-leaning” attitude in the traditional sense (regardless of country of origin.)

The Left carries the big moral card to manipulate and as a measure to obtain real power. Using this, they think that they have the right to do anything they want just because liberals always know the best option.

But with President Trump’s influence, maybe it’s time for the liberals to receive a rude awakening.