Popular Beer Company Includes A SICK Message On Backside Of Every Bottle

Dutch beer company Heineken in now including on the back of their beer bottles a sick message. The world’s third largest producer of beer is calling for a “world without borders or barriers.

Heineken is the latest multinational corporation to sponsor the trendy movement of undermining any notion of national sovereignty and the removal of all international borders.

Heineken’s marketing executives are hoping this message is capable of changing public opinion and convincing consumers around the world to open their borders to the strangers just for share some bears.

While Heineken’s marketing campaign seems to be an erroneous decision to indulge liberals in other countries, it actually reflects the real intentions of the mega corporation.

In fact, many multinational corporations want to open borders in an attempt to cut the salaries in developed countries. Heineken could save millions on labor costs hundreds of unskilled workers are flowing to steal European jobs.

But, this advertising campaign may suffer a boycott for promoting a globalist-oriented message.

According to Heineken’s message, the world is not full of evil terrorists and dogmatic sadists, on the contrary, the borders are only blocking the chance to know new friends.

Sadly, we know the reality is quite the opposite: the world is a very dangerous place. Heineken and the liberals who share the same view are absolutely ungrateful of the sacrifices of the ancestors.

Definitely, an open world may benefit Heineken’s real agenda, but also it will expose people to the bad things of the world. People should not sacrifice their safety in the name of corporate profits.

It’s time to boycott the hideous agenda of this global beer maker and show corporations that they serve to their customers. Showing them that they cannot just impose their political without consequences.