President Trump Smashes Jim Acosta With Fake News Allegations Following Major Campaign Promise

On the campaign trail, President Trump repeatedly promised that he would “get tough” on China and start cracking down on unfair trade deals and actions the Chinese have taken to undermine the United States.

On Monday afternoon, President Trump signed an order directing his trade office to open an investigation against China over its alleged “theft of American technology and intellectual property.”

This is the president’s first major action against China though it doesn’t really do much other than open an investigation. No definitive actions will be taken until the investigation is concluded.

Also, this is a sort of like a warning shot across China’s bow that Trump won’t hesitate to take economic action against them if they won’t help out with North Korea.

Meanwhile, CNN reported that at the end of the signing, Donald Trump opted to not take many questions from CNN’s Jim Acosta. Instead, the president gave said to Acosta a strong statement that he won’t forget:

“I like real news, not fake news. You’re fake news.”

Fox News reported that Trump’s statement came after Acosta asked Trump why hadn’t especially condemned the groups that were behind the violence that engulfed Charlottesville, Virginia, on Saturday.

Here is the video:

The MSM has shown that they will attack President Trump over literally any issue but he is not afraid to stand up and fight back against them.

To be fair, Donald Trump really should have condemned those groups on Saturday; however, that probably wouldn’t have stopped the media from finding something to criticize him about.

No matter what Donald Trump does, always will be seen as something wrong in the eyes of the mainstream media. This is just pathetic.