Robert Mueller’s Dark Past Reveals He Is Unfit To Lead An Investigation

In 2006, the Justice Department found evidence that Mueller (then the FBI Director) falsified testimony about the bureau’s surveillance on an anti-war protest in 2002. The DoJ figured out that Mueller improperly opened and expanded investigations into specific Left-wing groups.

In plain words, Mueller is a liar who illegally spied on Americans.

In that time, Mueller committed perjury by claiming the FBI was conducting an anti-terrorism investigation into The Thomas Merton Center, a pacifist Catholic Organization.

Also, Mueller’s “bipartisanship” seems suspect because his law firm worked with the Left-wing Civis Analytics during 2014-2015.

Moreover, many have noted that Mueller has staffed his Russian probe team with many Hillary Clinton donors.

And it has come out that Mueller played a significant role in removing the words “radical Islam” from the FBI training manuals. This decision was supported by radical Islamist groups in the U.S. like the infamous Council on American-Islamic Relations.

It is undeniably clear that Mueller comes from the same Washington establishment that hates so much President Trump and his administration.

It is pretty clear that Democrats are using Mueller’s investigation as an attempt to block President Trump’s progress.

Rather than carry out an “independent” investigation, Mueller is the last person in Washington to disrupt, discredit, and try to impeach President Trump.

There are no valid reasons for his investigation to continue. The correct thing to do is that President Trump fires Special Counsel Mueller to stop this nonsense and keep the focus on the real priorities.