Security HORROR: 150 Passengers Arrived To JFK From International Flight And Skipped Customs

On Friday evening at around 8:50 p.m. flight 1671 from American Airlines, arrived from Cancun, Mexico, at JFK airport and 150 passengers simply left the plane and walked out onto the street, no customs check was done on any of them.

It seems there was some mishap as the airport on Friday because 150 passengers coming from Cancun weren’t screened by customs or security and neither were their bags.

In the aftermath of the attacks on Paris by terrorist group ISIS and after the same Islamic group has threatened the  U.S. with an attack sooner or later, you would think airport security would be tighter and that this kind of thing wouldn’t happen, right?


According to a source in the airport, passengers simply disembarked the plane and walked behind a gate agent that took them straight to door, none of the 150 passengers were screened by Customs and Border Protection. The airline, American Airlines, has issued a stated as follows: “Some passengers on Flight 1671 did not complete immigration and customs process upon arrival when they were inadvertently directed to the domestic terminal.”

It seems they’ve contacted all passengers and have asked them to return to the airport for the necessary customs process, but what good does it do now? If one of those passengers had been a terrorist Islamic extremist he would be long gone and they wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.

Security can’t be lax in a time like this, it doesn’t matter where the planes are coming from they must be checked and all passengers must be screened by airport security, we don’t know from where the next attack will come. We must be vigilant.

An agent for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, part of the Department of Homeland Security, stated that Homeland Security along with other agencies are “aware of and looking into the incident and is working with our counterparts to resolve it.” It seems they have it all under control after the fact, that makes us feel truly safe, right?