Senator Jeff Sessions Argues Against Allowing Muslim Migration As A Civil Right

“Choosing who can immigrate into the United States is, by definition, an exclusionary process. The goal is to select immigrants for admission based on the benefits they provide to society based on skills, ages, values, philosophy, incomes, etc. Our goal is to choose for admission those likeliest to succeed and flourish and, crucially, to support our Constitutional system of government and our values of pluralism and Republican governance.”

This is how senator Jeff Sessions tried to make people focus on what’s really going on in the country right now, and the importance to attend this issue before things might be out of control. He mentioned a couple of situations happened some days ago across the country and highlighted the essential intention of the whole migration process as we used to know.


Also, we have to highlight that Senator Patrick Leahy fought against illegal immigration and now, he is doing it against the whole resettlement issue.

Before this outstanding reminder, Senator Patrick Leahy, insisted on a “Right to Migrate” amendment that would not allow the United States to banning immigrants based on their religion.

This is no longer about politics or religion topics, this is about security and common sense!