SHOCKING! A Journalist Saw The Terrible Truth While Investigating Benghazi

Sharyl Attkisson is a reporter who has exposed the dark sides of Obama-era tyranny. The once mocked “left-wing media conspiracy”, it turned to be a terrible truth.

This former CBS reporter, who had pursued for a long time the story of Hillary’s (and Obama) failure at Benghazi, claims in her new book “Stonewalled” that her computer was hacked by an unknown organization using a spyware that belongs to a government agency.

Attkisson claims that on October 3rd, 2012 her computer self-deleted words and entire pages. She strongly believes this was a reprisal of her reporting on Benghazi. Reporting that conflicted with Obama administration’s argument that the coordinated attack had been an improvised riot over an unclear YouTube video.

Even Attkisson is self-considered a “political agnostic”, she’s assured that CBS and other mainstream outlets combined forces to impose a left-leaning agenda.

Actually there two reasons for this

  • Journalists (who are in majority Democrat) always refuse to write negative reports about bills, proposals, or policies they personally support.
  • Broadcast networks and companies won’t offend their corporate sponsors.

She added, “I’ve never seen a tougher clampdown on freedom of the press, and I think it’s important that someone stand and say these things and speak out about them.

Her book (Stonewalled) highlights the true colors of the left-wing bias in a chapter which emphasizes how Attkisson was scolded by her CBS’s boss for participating on the “extremely far-right” Laura Ingraham’s radio program.

Almost immediately after appearing on the radio show, left-wing journalist like Salon and others began to negatively criticize her style of journalism.

Since Obama left the White House in early 2017, the liberal-biased media have trying to sell the illusion that Obama’s administration was a “scandal-free” one. She revealed how false that narrative is.

From the treason of Benghazi to the disastrous “Fast and Furious” gun-running scandal, Obama’s two terms were very scandal-ridden.

And the only reason why a lot of Americans don’t have a clue about these shameful maneuvers is because the liberal mainstream media is CONSTANTLY telling lies to protect their Democrats interests.

Thanks to honest and unbiased journalists like Mrs. Attkisson, President Donald Trump, and Wikileaks, The American people is now able to learn more and more about the modus operandi of the two-faced mainstream media.

Plus, with the recently released leaks of “Vault 7”, it shows how the CIA and FBI under Obama’s administration, spied on American citizens and even thought about hijacking into cars with the purpose of doing stealth assassinations.

And as for the Democrats’ Russian hacking story, it exists the possibility of being U.S government hackers wiretapping and hacking computers and smart devices under a false identity as Russian spies.

Thank God, Attkisson, and others like her won’t allow such hoaxes go unheard and ignored.