SHOCKING – Is This The Reason Of Why Steve Scalise Was Shot?

In January of this year, Tim Kaine (Hillary’s candidate for vice president) encouraged Democrats to “fight in the streets” against Donald Trump and the GOP.

Also, before the shooting, Rep. Ron DeSantis was asked by a strange man if the people on the field were “Republicans or Democrats.

It’s so sad and tragic to hear stories where people are being shot just to support a political movement. The Left has become extremist now that Donald Trump is the president of the U.S.A.

So, they will do everything necessary to stop him from doing his agenda. Perhaps after this tragic incident, Kaine must be feeling pretty uncomfortable right now.

Fortunately, the Capitol Hill police subdued the gunman before it got worse. Rand Paul explained on Fox News, “Without the Capitol Hill police, it would have been a massacre.

The real issue here is when thinking about security for the future. The government is so busy working on securing the borders, but what should be done about the new breed of terrorists on American soil doing political hate crimes?

It seems that representatives are going to pay attention to what these people are saying and doing because they are inciting violence when they don’t obtain what they want.

Paying attention to the surroundings is the key to making sure that no more tragic incidents like this one occur. Let’s pray for Steve Scalise, his aide, and everyone involved for a fast recovery.