SHOCKING – A Witness Of Major Hillary Clinton Crime Agreed To Testify

Thanks to the focus President Trump has put on the Clintons’ felonies, the Senate is investigating the criminal relationship between Clinton and the anti-American firm, Fusion GPS.

This is the company that put out the fake Trump dossier. They have also ties to the Russian lawyer who met with Trump Jr. Now, the head of Fusion GPS has agreed to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

This absurd Russia investigation has gone on long enough. The American people already know that President Trump has not colluded with the Russian government on anything.

However, this investigation has served to highlight the real crimes of the Clintons.

Fusion GPS, a Washington, DC-based “opposition research” firm has been on the Democrat payroll for years. Remember the debunked dossier? It alleged that Trump surrounded by prostitutes while he had slept in at a Russian hotel.

That absurd story destroyed the credibility of the website BuzzFeed and was the product of Fusion GPS. The project was originally paid for anti-Trump RINOs and later taken by the DNC.

Fusion GPS is one of the most corrupt organizations in politics, and one doing the Democrat Party’s bidding. It’s a huge step in the right direction for the Senate Judiciary Committee to call their head, Glenn Simpson, to testify.

Simpson originally rejected a Senate request to provide information voluntarily and stated he would invoke the 5th Amendment at a public hearing. In response, the Senate issued a subpoena obligating him to appear and talk.

Simpson ultimately reached a deal with the Senate to voluntarily speak at a hearing in exchange for having the subpoena withdrawn. The Senate should do their job and squeeze a confession of wrongdoing from him.

There’s hope they’ll be tough; the chairman of the Judiciary Committee is Sen. Chuck Grassley, who has been a major critic of Fusion GPS.

It seems that the tables are turned. America needs to know the bottom of this disgusting plot to hurt President Trump. Hillary Clinton and her acolytes in Washington are going down.

It’s time to put her behind bars.