Ted Cruz Smashed Al Franken In Public

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz destroyed Sen. Al Franken in grand fashion. Cruz spoke about how Franken trashed him in USA Today. Once Cruz got to the topic of Al’s book, he stated, “Al is trying to sell books, and apparently he’s decided that being obnoxious and insulting me is good for causing liberals to buy his books.

Al Franken may visit a doctor after receiving that smash. But to understand what Cruz is aiming to, it’s necessary to look back at Franken’s interview with USA Today, and his upcoming book Al Franken: Giant of the Senate.

During his conversation with Susan Page, Franken said, “probably than my colleagues like Ted Cruz (…) I hate Ted Cruz.

He went on to talk bad about Cruz, stating he is dishonest and apparently everyone dislikes Cruz. But let’s be honest, Franken only hates Cruz because it stands to make him famous.

This is so evident! But if you think this is not true, let’s make a preview at Franken’s new book and see for ourselves.

He wrote a chapter in his new book that is dedicated to hating Cruz. The chapter is called “Sophistry,” and it’s an effort to attack Ted Cruz so that he can receive appraisal from his liberal buddies.

Fortunately, everyone knows what Franken is trying to do. He wants everyone to respect and value his opinions, yet wants to give none in return (like a typical liberal.)

But Cruz knows how to deal this kind of people, and that is one of the reasons people love him so much. He speaks his mind in an honest and objective fashion.

He doesn’t waste his time talking about feelings and how people are dishonest with no evidence to even prove what he is saying.

So the big difference between them is one thing: lack of credibility. The Left is losing all sense of credibility that it has left. Unfortunately, Liberals have proven many times that they have no standards at all.

However, America needs that all people stay focus doing their tasks properly and not wasting time and energy doing stupid, baseless attacks which unique purpose is to fill book’s chapters.

Fewer words and more action.