Terror Threat For The Jewish Community In Florida – Muslim Terrorist Tries To Bomb Synagogue

Earlier this morning it was reported that the FBI managed to thwart a bombing attempt in Florida, the target? A Jewish community. The bomber was a Muslim man who planned to blow up a car near the synagogue, he was getting the bomb from a third party who happened to be an undercover FBI  agent.


As it was reported by The NY Post:

“A man’s planned explosive attack on a South Florida Jewish center was thwarted by the FBI through an undercover operation involving a dummy bomb, authorities said Monday.

James Medina, 40, made his initial appearance in federal court Monday following his arrest last week in the alleged plot against the Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center, which includes a synagogue, school and meeting halls. Medina is charged with attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction, which carries a potential life prison sentence.

A judge appointed a public defender for Medina, who began his court appearance by announcing “I got a few words of my own.” U.S. Magistrate Judge William C. Turnoff told Medina he might want to keep his mouth shut.Assistant U.S. Attorney Marc Anton said the FBI learned in March that Medina — a Muslim convert who said in court he also goes by James Muhammad — planned to bomb the center by placing a device under a car or throwing it over a wall. An FBI undercover operative was used to provide Medina with a fake bomb, and he was arrested after accepting it on Friday near the Jewish center, Anton said.

U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.), who represents many of the Jewish center’s 800 congregant families, suggested that Medina may have been motivated by anti-Jewish bias. 

“This attempted attack is a harsh reminder that there are many in our community who are motivated by bigotry and violence,” she said in an email statement. “As a community and a nation we must work together to confront this kind of hatred.”.”

It’s only  luck that this wicked man came to the undercover agent and not to a real bomb dealer, there would be lots of people dead if it hadn’t been for the good work of the FBI. This is why we need migration control and better screening or better laws against Muslims coming to our country with the intent of killing us all.

This is what happens after 8 years of weak democratic ruling, the U.S. has become a country that’s not feared or respected by anyone. ISIS has made us the laughingstock of the world with their constant attacks showing our inability, or unwillingness, to strike back at them. America was one of the most respected and feared nations in the world because we took action and never allowed our enemies to strike us more than once, now we are a huge undefended target. Will this change with a new President? Not if we allow Clinton to take Office.