Terrorist Take Hostages In Hotel In Mali, Only Those Who Can Do This One Thing Are Allowed To Leave

Just 1 day after Hillary Clinton made her speech about Muslims having nothing to do with terrorism and the attacks that have shaken the world the city of Bakamo in Mali experienced a terror wave when terrorist stormed a hotel threatening to kill anyone who couldn’t recite passages from the Islamic/Muslim book the Quran.

On Friday morning, men armed with guns and grenades charged into the Radisson Blu Hotel in Mali’s capital shouting “Allahu Akbar” and taking 170 people as their hostages.

Immediately the U.S. Embassy asked residents to find shelter quickly due to the shocking reports of an “ongoing active shooter operation” happening at the Radisson Hotel. Soldiers in combat gear took people to safety as they were running for their lives through the dirt roads of the city.


Modibo Nama Traore, commander of the Malian army, stated that 10 heavily armed men had stormed the Radisson hotel and in the midst of “Allahu Akbar” shouts and grenade blast had been able to lock in 140 guests and 30 hotel employees.

Some of the hostages were allowed to leave their captivity if they could properly recite passages from the Quran (Koran), the book that guides the Islamic and Muslim religion. At least 7 hostages were freed in this manner while many more had to stay locked in with the terrorists.

A survivor of the attack, an Ivorian woman Monique Kouame Affoue Ekonde stated: “I think they are still there. I’ve left the hotel and I don’t know where to go. I’m tired and in a state of shock”


It’s been reported that there are French citizens hostage in the hotel but their number and identities are unknown for now but both the French and American embassies have asked their citizens in Mali to seek shelter wherever they are and wait until the situation it’s resolved before trying to travel anywhere.


Some guests using mobile Apps have managed to give details about the situation, stating that several Chinese guests are trapped in the hotel and that the terrorists have been using grenades as well as firearms to inflict terror in their captives.

The terrorist wave has only just begun, these Islamic terrorist won’t be happy until the whole world it’s calling out for “Allah” or dead. Meanwhile, Obama continues to do nothing against this threat and hides behind the facade of global warming, as if that mattered given the current state of things.

Edmund Burke said it best: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”