The Media Spreads Muslim Hero Lie In Order To Gain Sympathizers For The Islamic Terrorist Nation

The aftermath of the terrorist attacks on Paris has left the world terrified and cautious about the Islamic Nation in general, especially the so called refugees that are making their ways into our countries by the thousands. People are scared and want to protect their countries from the threat the Islamic Nation represents which means that there’s been great opposition to having the refugees continue to stay and travel to Europe and America and suddenly a story comes up about a Muslim security guard who risked his life to save thousands during the attack on the Stade de France.


This story allowed the liberals and Islamic supporters to have an excuse to allow the refugees, to show the world that not all Muslims are evil, that there are some of them who will give their lives in order to save others and it was quite the story, people were beside themselves sharing about this brave man and his brave actions. Too bad the story was a lie! Yes, a big fat lie that was created in order to gain sympathy for the Islamic Nation. The truth is that given the heat the refugee crisis has been having liberal media and Marxists decided to invent a story about a “brave Muslim hero” who saved thousands of lives during the attack on the Stade de France on Friday night.

The false tale has been shared over 8,000 times on Twitter and other social media pages, praising a man who did nothing during the attacks, the so called hero Zouheir wasn’t even close to where the bombers entered the stadium and he definitely didn’t throw himself in the line of fire to save thousands and stop a bomber from coming into the stadium.


Even seasoned news sites like the Huffington Post shared the story, praising the “brave Muslim” and thanking him for his actions, everyone was take by this great story of hope and acceptance and this is what the liberals wanted, to shift the focus from ISIS and their terrorist plots and to show that not all Muslims are terrorists, we know that but it only takes one to blow up a stadium.

Rumors started coming up that conservative media wanted to keep the story quiet in order to spread discrimination tales and  racist remarks, but in the end the truth won out and most news sites retracted the story or edited it to fix their mistake, even social media has stopped sharing the lies, for the most part.

The truth is that this so called Muslim may even not be a Muslim at all and he wasn’t remotely close to a position where he could have been of help, in fact he only found out about the attacks after the fact, after everyone was already being helped by the French Police Department and other agencies that swiftly responded that terrorizing night.

This just goes to show you how far the liberal Islamic lovers will go in order to maintain the facade that everything it’s fine and that the Islamic Nation it’s not a threat to us but we know better and we know that allowing these so called refugees to come into our countries and settle themselves as if they owned the place will only end in more attacks and more European and American lives lost. Stop spreading stories in social media, you are only helping those who want to push the refugees and their beliefs on us.