Unexpected Blessing to God-Fearing Baker

Jack Phillips_Masterpiece_cakeshop

Five years ago, the owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop, Jack Phillips, politely refused to make a cake for a gay couple who was getting married. He is a Christian and in his religion gay marriage is strictly forbidden, so it was against his religious beliefs to bake a cake with a gay marriage motif.

The gay couple who intended to commission the cake from him, did not take his refusal well. They went to court and sued him for refusing to make the cake they so desperately wanted.

It didn’t end there… Phillips got crucified by the media. He received death threats from gay activists and he was judged by the Colorado Civil Rights commission for Illegal Discrimination.


Luckily for Phillips, the Trump Administration wasn’t going to stand idly while all this nonsense was going on. Last week the Justice Department filed a brief on his behalf for the Supreme Court, that shall hear his case for religious liberty as soon as they return to the bench next month.

In the brief, acting solicitor General Jeffrey B., alleged that the lower court ruling against Phillips violated the First Amendment. In a nutshell, Phillips cannot be expected to create a cake for the celebration of a gay wedding without becoming a part of the ritual in doing so. Therefore, forcing him to do so would violate his strongly held religious beliefs, which are protected under the First Amendment.

Barack Obama did nothing during his presidency, to protect this religious man from the abuse he had to endure.

It appears that the days of idling are over.

God bless America.