WATCH – Trey Gowdy Gripped Obama’s Neck With These Strong Statements

Trey Gowdy just needed few minutes on live T.V to manage to destroy Obama and the mainstream media. This is just worth of watching!

Representative Trey Gowdy was invited to join Fox News and ripped down this week’s all rumors surrounding the Trump administration.

When the T.V anchor asked Gowdy if he has seen any evidence for the claims that Trump’s campaign joined forces with Russia, Gowdy stated with conviction, “No sir. And reports to the contrary have been described as demonstrably false, to me, by people who would know.

Trey Gowdy always has been characterized by remaining impartial and evaluating situations based on available facts. So in this case, the facts prove that the Russian conspiracy theory is only fake news.

He has proven so many times to be an honest and unbiased investigator during his time as a federal prosecutor, and later as the Chairman of the House Benghazi Committee. He knows how an investigation should be carried out, so his arguments and criticisms have great authority.

Barack Obama’s horrible job trying on weaving together “the Russian conspiracy” narrative is actual prove he wasn’t good in nothing (well, except for ruining this country). But unfortunately, when you have all the media in your pocket, you would think you can convince people of anything.

In contrast to elected representatives, journalists are absolutely no liable. And there is no mechanism for suspending/removing a journalist who is acting incorrectly. Besides, it is almost impossible to prove libel or slander in court.

Journalists just make a report about what their “sources” tell them, without fear or retaliation.

However, the mainstream media should listen carefully the Congressman’s assessments. But sadly, the press have become lazy while they spent 8 years praising Obama without any kind of a shame, so they have forgotten how to proceed with an investigation.

Gowdy is a great example of how to react and to speak with mainstream media when they are delivering their treasonous reports!