WikiLeaks Exposes Special Counsel Robert Mueller

In 2009, Robert Mueller flew to Russia in order to deliver 10 grams of highly enriched uranium (HEU) to the Kremlin. It seems that all the fuss about Mueller being “independent” is false.

Like Hillary Clinton, Robert Mueller has more connections to Moscow than President Trump.

In 2006, the Republic of Georgia seized the HEU during a sting operation involving a Russian national and some Georgian accomplices. From there, the apprehended HEU was transferred to U.S. custody.

Following Georgia’s approval of a Russian request to see and sample some of this HEU, Mueller flew out Moscow in order to deliver the samples to a Russian counterpart.

Although it is ignored by the American MSM, the Republic of Georgia has long had a problem with jihadist terrorism. Since the two wars in Chechnya, the ongoing war in Dagestan, Chechen, and other Caucasian Muslims have used Georgia as a hideout or a transit point.

Therefore, the US government created Operation Enduring Freedom – Pankisi Gorge in 2002. The program was designed to train and equip the Georgian military.

This opens the possibility that the U.S. viewed this seized HEU as part of the ongoing War on Terror.

There is evidence to show that Mueller’s mission in 2009 was scheduled by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Plus, Mueller’s position in the nexus between Russia and the Clinton camp may mean that he was involved in the handover of 21% of America’s uranium supply to a Russian company.

And that was the shady business deal that gave millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation.

Given how bad this information makes Mueller and Clinton look, the mainstream media has completely ignored the story.

However, with Republican lawmakers calling for a second special counsel to investigate former Obama administration officials and Hillary herself, there could be a chance that Mueller is called to testify.