WORTH TO WATCH – 60 Minutes Were Victim of Violence And Realized How “Peaceful” Muslim Refugees Were

The television series 60 minutes sent a crew to Sweden to film the success of the Swedish refugee program. But instead, they found that the Swedish people were living in fear, and the Muslim refugees were not so pacific as they expected.

“It’s a little more hostile than I had anticipated,” commented the host to a Swedish citizen. He sharply replied, “Welcome to Rinkeby — it is also called Little Mogadishu.”

The T.V. show crew immediately realized they misjudged the situation. The Muslim population became hostile within minutes of their arrival. The refugees do not want their nests of crime exposed to the rest of the world.

Meanwhile, liberals in America want to continue former President Obama’s plans to accept thousands of Muslim refugees into the U.S.A. Even their intelligence experts have warned about the serious problems of letting these people enter, the elitists just ignore those pleas and prefer to open their arms to the incoming danger.

But obviously, the elite politicians will not be the ones forced to deal with the incoming refugees. The elite lives in gated communities far from where refugees are being settled. They don’t care about how everyday Americans citizens have (perforce) to deal with the results of their “progressive” policies.

Contrary to the migrants of yore, Muslims have no intention of adapting. Their true desire is to bring their customs with them and destroy the process of adaptation. Muslims impose Sharia above the constitution. In plain words, they really want to be Muslims in America and not Americans.

Obama forgot his duty to protect the American people and the American culture. But fortunately, President Trump is aware of the danger that represents bringing people overseas who are willing to lie and abuse our flawed vetting systems.

And there is no secret that ISIS has clear intentions to smuggle terrorists into the U.S.A through the refugee system. So, it is pretty dangerous to blindly accept refugees without having the measures to detect their true intentions.

Of course, the biased mainstream media ignored the attacks against their fellow journalists because it did not fit the liberal agenda.

Sadly, there is no way to know how many jihadists have already entered into the U.S.A. but we cannot wait either until they decide to take up arms and start beheading “infidels” at our local shopping centers.

We must aware of this terrible situation and speak your voice against this silent invasion. There is no time for hesitation or passiveness. Take Action!