After Beheads Donald Trump in Bloody Shock Photo, Kathy Griffin Comes Forward With SURPRISING Announcement

Comedian Kathy Griffin has apologized in a Facebook video after receiving backlash on social media Tuesday about photographs of her holding a bloody decapitated head resembling President Donald Trump.

Griffin posed for the shot during a photo session with photographer Tyler Shields, known for “edgy, shocking pics,” according to TMZ.

The image also brought a rebuke not only Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., who said the picture was “disgusting but not surprising,” but also from the Secret Service. Without specifically mentioning the Griffin image, the official Twitter account of the agency tweeted they were “on it” in response to calls to investigate the comedian.

Griffin later responded on social media that she does not condone any violence by her fans or others. “I’m merely mocking the Mocker in Chief,” she wrote.

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