‘They Deserve Nothing’, Michelle Malkin Tells The Harsh Truth About Illegal ‘Dreamers’

Liberals have been whining about the fact that Republican President Donald Trump rescinded the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, despite the fact that it is plainly unconstitutional and was created as an example of former President Barack Obama’s executive overreach.

Leftists complain that DACA recipients will have something taken away from them, despite the fact that they are in our country illegally and never should have had any legal status. Commentator Michelle Malkin just set the record straight about why these “Dreamers” obviously “deserve nothing” from the overburdened United States.

Stated Malkin on Fox Business News, “The fact is that if there were a single ‘deserving Dreamer’ in this country, they would be deserving because they would acknowledge that they are owed nothing and that they deserve nothing from a country into which they were born because of their parents’ illegal activity.”

She continued, “You can talk to anyone who’s come into the country the right and proper way, including my own parents. There are so many first- and second- generation Americans who understand that citizenship is a privilege and not a right.”

Michelle concluded, “And when you have an entire class of 800,000 people who feel entitled to be here despite the law, you are creating the very trouble we are in now.” Do you agree with Michelle Malkin? Watch below:

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