PHOTOS: Melania Wore Heavenly Dress to Church for Nat’l Day of Prayer, But Her Shoes Had a Devilish Message

Last week, Melania Trumps stepped on liberal hearts by wearing stilettos to visit Hurricane Harvey victims.

The first lady later turned heads with a cap with the logo emblazoned on it “FLOTUS.”

On the first lady’s return trip Saturday, she once again stirred up conversation by wearing stilettos.

The president even carried his own umbrella as he escorted the first lady to their initial trip to Texas.

The first lady also handed out emergency supplies at the First Church of Pearland wearing a hat with a bold message of solidarity: “Texas.”

On Sunday, for the National Day of Prayer on behalf of Hurricane Harvey survivors, Melania Trump sent a different message.

Adorned in a light blue trench coat and simple flowing pink dress, the first lady cut a figure of humility and grace as she departed St. John’s Church in Washington D.C.

As the occasion required, she was the epitome of elegance and class.

And yes, she was wearing heels.